People Power 2012

It is a bit of a lazy blog today as I am busy with work, essays and of course the Jubilee Weekend. I wanted to post this video as my super talented friend (who is also travelling to Palestine with me) made it.

I think it perfectly sums up who all of us that are going feel about the trip, and lets hope that in 2012, People Power really does make a difference and we can start to see a change.


About shakingtheshadowsfromtheolivetrees

I have a massive case of wanderlust and plan to see as much of this beautiful planet as I can before I die. I love Egypt, which gave me my first taster of Arabic culture, since then I have travelled to a few Arabic-speaking countries. My idea of a nightmare is an all inclusive 5* hotel resort. I much prefer to stay in basic accommodation in amongst the locals. Some of the best food I have eaten has been street food...and incidentally some of the worst has been in a 5*hotel. This year has given me the opportunity to visit Palestine, a place I loved to read about when I was younger in my children's bible. I am sure it isn't going to disappoint.
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2 Responses to People Power 2012

  1. Beautiful video again. I am happily following your journey ❤

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