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Complete head f#ck day!

Today’s plan was to head to Hebron to see areas H1 and H2 areas. On the way we stopped at what is described as a Care Centre for Disabled…..I would describe it as more like an institute. We were shown … Continue reading

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Reiki workshop and Outdoor showers.

Today I was in anticipation of the second part of my Reiki workshop. I went for breakfast to be greeted by a massive hug by our hostess Rafica. Her son Madjid who is disabled had slept for the whole night … Continue reading

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So much to write, so little time!

Hi Guys, finally, I have some internet access for a quick update. Obviously I thought I would have more downtime than I have had. Lets just say they have been very long very emotional days so far. The journey into … Continue reading

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We are here!

Really quick post, but just to let you know we are in! So far it has been a mad, amazing, time…with tears, tantrums and a theft….will post a long post later when I can.

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Eid al Fitr

Today is Eid, the ending of the Ramadan fast for Muslims. This is traditionally when they give each other gifts and wear new, brightly coloured clothes, at little like Christmas for Christians. For Muslims, Mecca is the Holy of Holies. … Continue reading

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The Holy Land

So, this time next week we will all be in anticipation for our flight out to the seat of three major religions- Christianity, Judaism and Islam. A place which has been fought over since time began and will probably be … Continue reading

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The Olive Farmer-Update

You may remember I spoke of an Olive farmer that I met in a previous blog- Zaytoun Olive Oil. At the time I couldn’t remember his name. I recently received a forwarded e-mail from a friend. It was dated back … Continue reading

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