Bab Al Shams

In December, literally hours after Palestine was voted rights within the United Nations, Israel showed the world its middle finger and openly stated that it was going to build a major settlement on a land named E1, to the East of Jerusalem. This is a huge area of over 12 square kilometers. In effect building on here will split the West Bank further, making anyone on one side of the settlement unable to travel to the other side. Again the world is up in arms, yet fails to do anything but say that this is wrong. Saying it is fine but action is needed…..and action happened.

On Friday 11th January, Palestinians and peace activists from around the world, decided to occupy this piece of Palestinian land and give it a name, Bab Al Shams- Gate to the Sun named after a novel by Elias Khury. 20 tents were erected on the land which is owned by Palestinians who openly show their deeds to the land.

palestinian land deedsThis means nothing to Israel, who have now declared this area a closed military zone and in the dead of the night about 3am GMT 13th January, stormed the village and forcibly evicted the hundreds of peaceful protesters, sitting on their own land.

sit in

Soldiers numbered at least 5 to each person there. Journalists were targeted and beaten to stop them from filming and documenting what was going on. I won’t post those pictures on here.

Bab Al Shams may be emptied today, and it may have been short lived. But for that 48 hours when it drew Palestinians from all over to sit and hope, it gave a glimmer of hope to them and from me who really wished I could be there to show my solidarity and show them that yes, we do care.


Hope is what is needed there. Next time they will be stronger and better prepared. Next time there will be more joining in this fight to win back their own land. Viva Palestine, Viva Bab Al Shams


About shakingtheshadowsfromtheolivetrees

I have a massive case of wanderlust and plan to see as much of this beautiful planet as I can before I die. I love Egypt, which gave me my first taster of Arabic culture, since then I have travelled to a few Arabic-speaking countries. My idea of a nightmare is an all inclusive 5* hotel resort. I much prefer to stay in basic accommodation in amongst the locals. Some of the best food I have eaten has been street food...and incidentally some of the worst has been in a 5*hotel. This year has given me the opportunity to visit Palestine, a place I loved to read about when I was younger in my children's bible. I am sure it isn't going to disappoint.
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  1. This reminds me of what i wrote ages ago
    12 years ago, in 1997, I told my Iraqi jewish friend that I don’t believe that the Oslo Accord would lead to anything (of peace), and I explained to her by drawing that, at that time, the West Bank was divided into 5 parts (at least): Hebron area, then comes Gush Itzion settlements block that cuts Hebron off from Bethlehem as a separate pantoston, then the great Jerusalem that cuts the whole West Bank from the middle, then comes the Pantoston of Ramallah segregated by tens of surrounding settlements, then to the north there is Gush Ariel settlements block which also cuts off the West bank again into two parts starting from Qalqilia west up to Jericho.

    The Northern part of the West bank is the biggest, which is composed of Nablus city (the biggest in the West Bank), Tulkarm city, and Jenin City. This area is also cut off with scattered small settlements but not that effective to prevent uniting these three cities, however, the three cities of the north are completely cut off each others by a “coherent” set of tens of permanent checkpoints and a number of overlooking strategic settlements.

    That was in 1997 were the number of the settlers was less than 200,000… but now (as there are more than 500,000 settlers, and a system of over 300 settlements that controls the West Bank totally and coherently) the situation is so complicated that I cant see any hope for any kind of (”Palestinian State”) but tens of concentration camps!!

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