Times repeated

This poem, I wrote a couple of years ago, and I have posted before in the past.

With the recent ‘goings-on’ in Palestine by the IDF…..I feel I need to post it again…..


Today my head is heavy with a thousand unshed tears

Today my heart is aching with the bloodshed and their fears

Today my mind is busy, with ifs and wondering why?

Today my soul feels trapped with all those souls who have died

I stare here from my window at my patch of concrete ground

I think of the life I choose to live and I have the life I’ve found

I am unchained, unbound by convention

I have freedoms and rights to self expression

I am lucky, I am free. I am feeling melancholy

For the rights of a people who have no voice

And for those who hear not as is their choice

A people the world will largely ignore

As the world has become Israel’s whore

I feel for those who have lost their rights

Not being fed by the hand that bites

Locked in a world filled with aid

When all they want to do is trade

Break down the walls, the barriers, the wire

Let’s stop thinking ‘the other’ is a liar

Let us reach out our hands to hold

Let’s stop thinking we have all been told

Let’s think for one of our fellow man

And live together, yes we can

No matter what religion, colour or creed

Let’s not allow more hatred to breed.

Can we be the ones to change the world?

Can we be the ones to make regime unfurl?

Can our voice join up and unite

And strengthen up in a peaceful fight

A beautiful choir we would be, changing the course of history

For those who say “who cares? This doesn’t affect me”

Please look into these eyes that no longer see

This heart that no longer beats

That hope they no longer seek

Then look at your own and see how you feel

And tell me then, that this is no big deal.


About shakingtheshadowsfromtheolivetrees

I have a massive case of wanderlust and plan to see as much of this beautiful planet as I can before I die. I love Egypt, which gave me my first taster of Arabic culture, since then I have travelled to a few Arabic-speaking countries. My idea of a nightmare is an all inclusive 5* hotel resort. I much prefer to stay in basic accommodation in amongst the locals. Some of the best food I have eaten has been street food...and incidentally some of the worst has been in a 5*hotel. This year has given me the opportunity to visit Palestine, a place I loved to read about when I was younger in my children's bible. I am sure it isn't going to disappoint.
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2 Responses to Times repeated

  1. Bernardette Feehan says:

    Striking poem Lisa. Can I ask a favour? Somehow send Eileen the five rules of reiki.


  2. Thank you Bernardette.
    I will inbox her with them.

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