So, here we go again.

Last year when I returned, I had thought that that was it for me. I had seen almost all I had wanted to see out there, and I could do more good spreading the information I had gleaned from my two trips back here. After being offered the chance to go over in the summer to help with the summer school in Bil’in, and me turning it down, some little voice in my head kept really nagging at me. My friend returned, really gee’d up. She had decided to set up a project and was going to go back in December to launch it.

“December” I thought, “I could possibly manage to squeeze a little trip out there at Christmas.”

Then the sensible voice in my head spoke to me. “Lisa, you are saving up to go to India next year. You promised that you were not going to travel anywhere else before that trip.”

Sensible voice won…..but the nagging voice told me to look at flights and sensible head agreed as flights at Christmas would be far too expensive for me to contemplate.

They weren’t!

So, I am off in December to help my mate in a project she has created. I saw the prices of the flights, text Elaine and said, “right these are the dates I’m thinking of going, do they work for you?” She text back “yes” and that was that, decision made and booked in under 20 minutes. I think sensible head must have taken herself off somewhere for a lie down, but at least nagging head had stopped!

If you are on Facebook, please have a look at the page for the project and don’t forget to click  ‘Like’

And have a look at the website too, which will also have a blog on it.

And for those who don’t want to click on either link, basically we are raising money to buy Olive and Fig trees and sheep and goats to give to families in Palestine to help them self sustain. Any donation is welcome (but you will need to click on either link to be able to do that) Or think about donating a tree or an animal in lieu of a Christmas gift, or give one as a gift (we have certificates for those who donate)

Also whilst there, I will hopefully be meeting up with people from my last trip, ones I am actually aware I never got around to telling their stories (I must remedy that before I go) and I will be in Bethlehem for Christmas, so am hoping to get tickets for Midnight Mass in the Church of the Nativity. Well, it seems silly not to when I am in the country!

Anyway, before I go, there are a few things coming up with Coventry Friends of Palestine. We have a writing competition. Details below.

FOP Writing competition poster draft 5 pdf-page-001

Please feel free to enter, wherever you live.

We also will have a ‘Pop-Up Shop’ for the 14th, 15th and 16th November at 1 The Precinct, Coventry City Center. We will have the Silent Voices photography exhibition which is currently in Liverpool Cathedral. And we will be selling Zaytoun products along with olive wood carvings and nativity scenes and tree decorations from Bethlehem -hand carved by a carpenter with the name of (yes, you have guessed it) Joseph. We will also have talks going on over the weekend and short films and documentaries on show too. Please pop in our ‘Pop-Up Shop’ if you are in the area that weekend.

I am going to try and write a couple of blogs about my last years trip, before my this years one. And sorry for the rambling blog, but sensible head is still out to pasture. I am hoping she will return before my return to that most confused of places.


About shakingtheshadowsfromtheolivetrees

I have a massive case of wanderlust and plan to see as much of this beautiful planet as I can before I die. I love Egypt, which gave me my first taster of Arabic culture, since then I have travelled to a few Arabic-speaking countries. My idea of a nightmare is an all inclusive 5* hotel resort. I much prefer to stay in basic accommodation in amongst the locals. Some of the best food I have eaten has been street food...and incidentally some of the worst has been in a 5*hotel. This year has given me the opportunity to visit Palestine, a place I loved to read about when I was younger in my children's bible. I am sure it isn't going to disappoint.
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